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A experiment in crowd-sourced peer-review - Adult Anaphylaxis Ariticle. Join in!

Adult Anaphylaxis Crowd Source Peer Revi
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Hello everyone! We'd like to try something new with all of you and we hope you're interested. A team of us have authored a paper that is just about ready for publication. We've been reading a lot about what is called 'Crowd Sourced Peer Review', which involves sending out an article on social media before you submit it for publication and seeking feedback from 'the crowd'.

So we've attached the article as a pdf for you to have a look at ... if you'd like to. We'd love to hear your thoughts about it. We've created a post on the Facebook webpage here: asking for you to give us your feedback.

So please consider this a formal invitation to have a look at our paper and offer any comments you want to. You don't have to read the whole thing, and you don't have to offer a detailed, comprehensive review. Let us know if it reads well. We'd like to know that. Let us know if think it's interesting or boring. Again - we'd love to hear whatever you have to say. We'll be watching our Facebook page and hoping to see some comments, so please don't be shy.

If you're curious, there's a fair bit of research and support for crowd-based peer-review. See for example: Crowd-based peer review can be good and fast

Will Crowd-based Peer Review Replace Traditional Peer Review?

Journal tries crowdsourcing peer reviews, sees excellent results

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