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Episode 3 - The Secondary Survey

In this episode, Marc and Sonja introduce and describe the International Paramedic Secondary Survey.



Extra! - The General Physical Exam
Even more - the 'Critical Complaints'

The 'critical complaints' are essential 'rule-in/rule-out' information in the secondary survey.  Learn more here:

Show Notes

This episode is based on the article 

M. A. Colbeck, S. Maria, G. Eaton, C. Campbell, A. M. Batt, and M. Caffey, “International Examination and Synthesis of the Primary and Secondary Surveys in Paramedicine.,” Irish J. Paramed., vol. 3, no. December, pp. 1–9, 2018.


View the original article for free here:

Do you want to run a workshop of your own teaching the IPSS?  Use our free powerpoint demonstration!  You can download it here:​

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