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About Us

This is a website for the work that Marc and Sonja are doing to translate paramedic research into practice.


Marc Colbeck is a Registered Paramedic, a Senior Lecturer in Paramedicine, a former Retrievalist Practitioner (Canadian CCP) and candidate for a PhD in Medicine.


Sonja Maria is a Registered Paramedic, a Lecturer in Paramedicine, a former Intensive Care Paramedic, and a candidate for a PhD.


Together we produce a podcast reviewing paramedic CPGs and the evidence behind them, as well as a podcast reviewing all you need to know about pharmacology.  You can find links to these episodes under the 'CPG' and the 'Pharmacology' drop-down menus.  


We also have a discussion forum on the site for you to join us, a blog, and we are currently undertaking a trial project in Brisbane to certify paramedic students who have demonstrated mastery of various aspects of the paramedic curriculum.  If successful we'll be rolling this out to other locations later.


Thanks for coming to our site - we'd love to hear from you.  You can reach us through the forums, or by emailing us at: contact@paramedicine.com. 


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