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Australasian Paramedic Clinical Practice Guidelines

Marc and Sonja are actively drafting clinical practice guidelines, to be endorsed by Paramedics Australasia, as exemplar CPGs to be used by professional paramedics in Australia and New Zealand as educational resources.  These CPGs have been written by examining the current CAA-member ambulance service CPGs and combining them.  No differentiation is made between Advanced Care Paramedic and Critical or Intensive Care Paramedic scopes of practice.  These CPGs are for educational reference only and do not grant anyone authority to practice paramedicine.  Users are advised to consult these CPGs at their own risk.


We are currently inviting interested paramedics to contact provide feedback on these CPGs on our discussion forum page.  There is a discussion thread for each CPG.  You can also contact us directly via

01.  Primary Survey

02.  Secondary Survey

03.  Adult Cardiac Arrest

04.  ROSC

05.  ROLE

06.  Anaphylaxis

07.  Asthma

08.  Airway Obstruction

09.  Acute Coronary Syndrome

10.  Dysrhythmias

11.  Hypotension

12.  Dysthermia

13.  Envenomation

14.  Nausea and Vomiting

15.  Pain

16.  Non-Traumatic Back Pain

17.  The Agitated Combative Patient

18.  Seizures

19.  Stroke

20.  Acute Alcohol Intoxication

21.  Approach to Toxicology

22.  Burns

23.  Head Trauma

24.  Limb Trauma

25.  Abdominopelvic Trauma

26.  Spinal Trauma

27.  Fluid Injection

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