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WinAutomation Pro Plus 9.0


Category: AirLiveDrive is a MacOS and Windows application that allows you to retrieve any document from your external hard drive by using your Finder as the connection: e. g., access your username account, exchange files, folders and stream media files from your HD and even e-mail. Key features: • AirLiveDrive is a file-sharing application. It lets you share your files via Internet without needing to transfer them to other user’s computer. • AirLiveDrive is a universal device. It works on Windows, MacOS and Linux. • AirLiveDrive can exchange files, folders and stream media files. • AirLiveDrive is light-weight and it does not take up any disk space on the hard drive. • AirLiveDrive lets you access your internal hard drive to save any file, perform new file/folder creation, and replace a file or folder on-the-fly. • AirLiveDrive can create external backups for all your folder, keeping a safe copy of your data. • AirLiveDrive is easy to use. You can start exchanging files by launching the application. • AirLiveDrive works in your browser. You can use your browser to access your external hard drive using just some simple operations: e. g., upload files, manage folders, create, delete, rename, copy and move files. • AirLiveDrive allows you to connect to your LAN. Therefore, anyone on your local network can access your files. • AirLiveDrive allows you to switch between multiple connections using your computer’s main screen. • AirLiveDrive lets you control how much bandwidth a user is allowed to use when sharing files. • AirLiveDrive lets you receive e-mails and organize them. You can do this in two ways: you can manually check the received e-mails or automatically set the number of e-mails that will be stored on your computer. • AirLiveDrive lets you send e-mails. For this, you need to open the main window and choose an e-mail client that you want to work with. You can send, receive, forward and reply to e-mails. • AirLiveDrive lets you stream media files to other people. You can do this by uploading a media file from your computer to a website. You can also choose to only stream your media files to a particular group of people (you can add their username). • AirLiveDrive lets you watch the

WinAutomation Pro Plus 9.0

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