On average it takes 17 years for new medical research findings to be adopted by practicing clinicians.

In a profession where minutes save lives, 17 years is too long.

In light of that, a new type of research scientist has arisen. Their focus is not on doing traditional primary research. Instead, they focus on discovering, interpreting, analyzing and distributing the information that traditional researchers have already done in order to close the 17-year gap. The catchy acronym for this type of scholarly activity is “TRIP” – Translating Research Into Practice.


Our goal here is to take you on a paramedic TRIP, with the latest and best evidence to support paramedic practice.

Both Marc and Sonja are paramedics and PhD candidates who are focusing on the optimal use of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). We believe that CPGs are the best way to translate research into practice. To that end, we have undertaken the task of writing Clinical Practice Guidelines with the endorsement of Paramedics Australasia, the peak professional body representing paramedics in Australia and New Zealand.

This website is a record of that effort. In the spirit of FOAMed (Free Open Access ‘Med-ucation’) we offer this resource for students, paramedics, educators, managers, and others. Welcome to our site. Please use the icons at the top of each page to communicate with us, and to share the work we are doing. If you want to get involved, please let us know.

Everything we do is non-profit and open access.

First Blog

Hello everyone, we will be starting a regular blog shortly.  For now, we’re just making sure that this function is

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